My baby sees dead people…

So there is a very strong possibility that Donovan sees ghosts…  And I’m not talking about a one time encounter, I’m talking about daily conversations with some dearly departed souls…  I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I am 97% positive that these are all very nice spirits that he is interacting with, probably mostly family members, but still some supernatural business nonetheless.

Why would a mother think that her abusive, groping baby now also moon lights as a medium, odd I know, but some very strange things go on around here from time to time…

Boppy 69We had been staying with my parents in their house which is hundreds  of years old and it has been in our family for just as long.  Way back when, the house was not really a house, but a general store, an ice cream parlor… and, a hospital of sorts.  Yes, both cool and creepy.

So while we were staying there I would at times catch Donovan staring off into the distance or peeking into another room with a smile on his face.  He would giggle or wave, but I never thought too much of it.  There were always people coming and going and I figured his eyesight wasn’t fully developed so he didn’t know what he was looking at.  Well, then things really got weird.  His crib was in my bedroom and I would wake up some mornings not to his cries, but to his gibberish.  His back would be to me and he would be facing a wall chatting away and sharing his toys with… no one?  Maybe someone?

So this happened a few times, and needless to say I was a little more than a little weirded out, but again I tried to make sense of it.  “Oh what an active imagination Donovan has!  He already has an imaginary friend!!!  #proudmomma!”  (No, no he doesn’t.  Is that what adults made up so they weren’t creeped out by their children possibly talking to ghosts?! #mildlyconcernedparent)

We have since  moved up the street to the cottage my grandfather grew up in and the supernatural encounters had all but ceased to my knowledge… Until the other day while we were walking down the street.  Donovan kept turning around and waving, or he would stop and smile and let out a big laugh.  By this point I am completely done making excuses for this behavior and just hoping that we don’t have an angry spirit stalker who is going to go all Paranormal Activity on us later.

As our walk ended and we headed back to the cottage we were getting closer to the house that my grandparents grew old together in (yes I know, we are those people who grow up in a place and never, ever leave – let me tell you, if you lived here, you wouldn’t leave either).  Boppy 55Donovan is still having a conversation with someone who isn’t me and sharing grass and acorn tops with them, and then we got to my grandparent’s front door and he stopped.  He looked towards the house, a house he has never stepped foot in, and he waved one last time and said “Bye-bye” then kept going.

I had goosebumps from head to toe, I scooped my little man up and gave him a squeeze because it made me realize, if he is seeing someone, it’s just the people we miss most.  He still chats, laughs and shares his toys with no one, but I am much less disturbed by it now.  So I guess the moral of all this is, as long as you aren’t being dragged around your ceiling or getting messages through your television you don’t need to be too concerned about all the ‘no ones’ your kid is talking with.


Boppy 78 My grandfather in front of the house Donovan and I now live in.

Boppy 84My grandfather and his mother on the porch of the house my parents now live in.

Magoo and Boppy 16My grandparents grew up, fell in love and grew old together in the same small town…  I could not imagine a better place to raise Donovan.



  1. Ok, Bridget…tears are running….this was wonderful and beautiful, too…. How lucky we all were….?


  2. Brig, I too am terry! It reminds me of Haiden as a toddler when we were there with Boppy…. She also waved, smiled and laughed into empty rooms. I think children are so much more open to what is around us. Love you!


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