Nice to meet you.

If you have stumbled across this page in search of some stellar parenting advise, or tips for DIY… anything, or the scoop on how to be a chic mom, or really just any improvements on yourself in anyway, I apologize, but you are in the wrong place.  I will not be offended if you turn around now. (Click that back button vigorously, sometimes it gets stuck.)

If, however, the baby just rolled off the couch for the first time, on your shift, and you are embarrassed and ashamed and want to make sure you aren’t the first person to face this dilemma, then yes, you are in the right place.  Don’t worry though, cause it won’t be the last time that happens.  But YAY for the rolling part, right?

Life as a parent can be a real bitch, but hopefully the good times outweigh the bad and you get one more snuggle than sippy cup to the forehead.  But on the days that you cannot seem to catch a break don’t worry, chances are I failed worse than you.



  1. You (and Donovan) are awesome! Cannot wait to read more!!! Xo


  2. YOU (and Donovan) are awesome!! Cant wait to read more!! Xo


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