That mom…

I have come to the realization that I am one of ‘those‘ moms.  You know… the mom that is never really put together, usually (always, definitely always) running late, never has make-up on and has toys and Nuks in every pocket of every piece of clothing she owns.  Yes, that is me.

I didn’t even realize it, which may or may not make it worse – you tell me, until I was getting Donovan and I ready to go his friend’s birthday party.  I got him ready, he looked great of course, my kid always looks better than me.  I of course was a hot mess getting myself together… Wrapping a gift, taking a shower, cleaning the snow off the car, getting dressed, packing the car (not necessarily in that order).

I managed to get everything in order and more or less on time.  I told Donovan it was time to go and we had to put his shoes on.  As he got up to go to the shoe closet he stopped to take me in.  He look me over then pointed at me and said, “Mama ew!”  Me being an idiot looked behind me and asked, “Ew what?!”  Still pointing right at me he continued, “Ew! Ew! Mama! Eeww!!”

Was it my sloppy hair?  My lack of make-up?  The slight hint of a muffin top?  Whatever it was, Donovan was not on team mom and I had to keep moving so he didn’t know it was that easy to stun and subdue me and claim the house as his own.  So I wiped the corners of my eyes so those pesky tears didn’t fall and we were on our way.

Does it bother me that I am not pristine at all times? No, I have always been and will forever continue to be that farthest thing from cookie cutter one will find.  Even when I make an attempt at getting myself together (make-up on and shoes other than sneakers), as I did today, it can’t just be…  Long story short, spit + wind = spit in hair, only I didn’t realize until we were on our way home – I hawked one before we left the driveway ?.

Embrace yourselves my friends… and always hold your hair back when you spit. ?


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