The Countdown is On!

It’s been a while, but we’re back… Taking a breath from hectic everyday life to reminisce and anticipate all that comes along with the month of December.

Every year around this time I feel like the Ghost of Christmas past floods my mind with with all the wonderful memories this time of year has left behind for me… I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, the winter season brings a feeling of nostalgia.  The brisk air and rosy cheeks, toasty blankets and a warm mug in your hand, and of course… Family.

Donovan turns 2 in just a few short days and I cannot believe it! Time has really flown and I find myself wanting snuggle him more than ever, of course my attempts are futile.  I get a finger waving in my face and very coy, “No Mama”, and then he’s off.

Treats while Mom bakes.
Can’t believe this was almost 1 year ago!

Only a week after D’s birthday it’s Christmas… I know, Christmas is nearly here… How in the Free Willie is that even possible?!  It’s no surprise that our life, as I’m sure many of yours are, will be absolute chaos until the end of the year.

Christmas 2015

I am so excited for the next few weeks though, now that Donovan is a bit older he is getting excited about the holidays.  Our tree is up and decorated (although that probably won’t last, he and the darn cat hide at least one ornament on me every day), the house is moderately in order and my soon the be 2 year old is in love with Santa.

Jolly Old Saint Nick has quickly become Donovan’s favorite person… and I can’t really blame him, who doesn’t love a man of mystery, right?  Anywho… once Donovan started saying his name nothing else really mattered.

Picked a good one!

When asked who he loves more, Mama or Santa, his response is always Santa… When I ask why, he tells me it’s because, “Mama is baby”… Thanks kid.

Regardless of where his affections lay, I cannot wait to see his enjoyment and wonder over the next few weeks, there will be nothing better than watching his face light up from the excitement of each new day.

That’s all for now, but check back in soon… I’ve got a surprise coming for all of you!

Santa, “Ha-Ho-Ho”

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  1. Great to see you back again! It is such a wonderful time of year and even more magical when there are little ones to share in their joy. Merry Christmas!


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